iCloud Interventions: Deleting Files Using a PC

iCloud Interventions: Deleting Files Using a PC

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iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage and computing service that allows users to store their files, photos, videos, and other data securely on remote servers. It provides seamless integration across all Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, Macs, and even Windows PCs.

While iCloud offers numerous benefits in terms of convenience and accessibility, there may be instances where you need to delete files from your iCloud account using a PC.

Deleting files from iCloud using a PC can be done through the iCloud website or by installing the iCloud for Windows application. Both methods are relatively straightforward and offer different advantages depending on your preferences.

To delete files via the iCloud website:

Open any web browser on your PC and visit www.icloud.com.
Sign in with your Apple ID credentials.
Once logged in, you will see various app icons representing different services offered by iCloud.
Click on “Photos” if you want to delete pictures or “Files” if you want to remove documents or other file types.
Browse through the folders until you find the specific file(s) you wish to delete.
Select the file(s) by clicking on them while holding down either Ctrl (for individual selection) or Shift (for multiple selections).

After selecting the desired file(s), click on the trash bin icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.
8. A confirmation prompt will appear asking if you want to move these items to Trash; click “Delete” to confirm.

Alternatively, if you prefer managing your iCloud files directly from File Explorer:

Download and install “iCloud for Windows” from Apple’s official website (www.apple.com/icloud/windows-apps/).
how do i delete files from icloud using pc Launch the application after installation completes.
Sign in with your Apple ID credentials when prompted.
4a.If this is your first time setting up iCloud for Windows, choose the files and folders you want to sync with your PC.
4b. If you have already set up iCloud for Windows, click on the “Options” button next to “Photos” or “iCloud Drive.”
In the options menu, uncheck any folders or file types that you do not wish to sync with your PC.